Hasbro Children's Hospital
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Principles and Philosophies at Hasbro Children's Hospital

Hasbro Children's Hospital is committed to the philosophy that the family is central to a child's health and healing. We recognize that families have the greatest influence over a child's health and well-being. We partner with families in all aspects of their child's health care experience. 

Our Core Principles

The four core principles of patient and family centered care are:

  • Dignity and respect
  • Information sharing
  • Participation 
  • Collaboration 

These four principles are cornerstones of the philosophy of patient and family centered care. Hasbro Children's Hospital implements these practices to help support and empower families in their natural care-giving and decision-making roles. Our health care teams will partner with you to ensure that your child receives excellent care, and that you and the rest of your family are comfortable, informed and included in all facets of your child’s treatment and experience.

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