Lifespan understands that visitor restrictions has been a great hardship for both patients and families. Lifespan is actively working to put processes in place to liberalize visitation restrictions, while continuing to protect patients and staff from exposure to COVID-19 to help stem the spread of the disease. We expect to announce changes to our adult visitation policy in the coming week, once we have made the changes necessary to ensure everyone’s safety.  As a reminder the existing visitor policy remains in effect until further notice:

Currently, no visitors are allowed in adult units at our Lifespan hospitals, except for case-by-case, end of life exceptions. For pediatric patients, Hasbro Children’s Hospital and Bradley Hospital allow for accompaniment by one parent or guardian at a time. Newport Hospital maternity services allows for a birthing partner only. Please speak with your loved one’s care team for more details.

For patients arriving at the emergency department, one family member is permitted during the intake process if the family member is instrumental for patient care. This visitor can remain with the patient for a maximum of 15 minutes.

Families whose loved ones are at end of life may request that the care team make a special arrangement for one-time visitation with the patient.

All visitors are screened for symptoms or potential exposure to COVID-19. Those who screen positive for any symptoms will not be able to visit. All visitors are required to wear a mask. 

Care teams encourage the use of devices such as smartphones to communicate with patients remotely, and the use of iPads for virtual visits. Lifespan can provide devices to for virtual visitation to those who don’t have them. 

Lifespan is committed to continually monitoring and evaluating the situation and will continue to act in the best interest of our patients and employees. We thank our patients and their loved ones for their understanding as we work to ensure a safe environment for our patients and our workforce.

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