After the most demanding two years for health care workers who have been on the frontlines throughout the pandemic, Lifespan has traded its advertising for the personal stories of its dedicated employees to attract others to the health care field and help rebuild Lifespan’s workforce.

Lifespan is spotlighting its employees – who are the heart and soul of the organization – as they put out a call to others to join the Lifespan team.  These employees tell, in their own words, why they chose a career in health care and why they continue to come to work each day.

Twenty-seven Lifespan employees -- representing positions in nursing, social work, pharmacy, laboratories, imaging, patient services, environmental services, behavioral health, and therapy – tell their stories on television, radio, websites and social media, as ambassadors for the health care field. 

When asked about her experience working at Lifespan for over 20 years, Romell Taylor, registered nurse at The Miriam Hospital, said: “At the end of my shift, we have patients hold your hand and tell you ‘thank you for everything you have done’. We just want nurses out there to know that Lifespan is a nice place to work, we have a lot of support, so if they want to join in we are here to help them navigate that.”

Derrell Johnson, Behavioral Health Specialist at Bradley Hospital, said: “I enjoy helping the kids. Nothing makes me happier than making a difference.  Working in the hospital in general and with people in general, you’ve got to be a great leader, a great team player and be willing to make a difference. It means the world to me because I just like to give back -- I’m a people person.”

Kayla Kershaw, Ultrasound Technician at Rhode Island Hospital, said:  “I shadowed here prior to going into the field.  It really made me love this job.  Everyone who we work with has always been so good and wonderful.  The employees from night shift and second shift were fantastic and always fun to work with. I hope to see them come back.”

The stories highlight why health care is a rewarding profession with purpose, and why others should think about joining the Lifespan team.

“Lifespan has an amazing team of talented and dedicated employees at every level of the organization.  Every day they make a real difference in the lives of so many. They truly are heroes,” said Lifespan President and CEO Timothy J. Babineau, MD. “I invite anyone who would like to be part of our team, to hear their stories and explore career opportunities and job training at Lifespan. You will be welcomed and valued at Lifespan.”

“Lifespan offers great jobs with career paths, competitive wages, great health care benefits, generous paid leave, tuition remission, and loan forgiveness,” said Lifespan Senior Vice President Human Resources and Community Affairs, Lisa Abbott.  “Lifespan has many entry-level positions that do not require a degree or certification, provides on-the-job training programs for both clinical and non-clinical roles, and offers many opportunities for advancement.  Anyone who wants a rewarding, noble career should check out our website and apply for a job opening or training program today.”

The television, radio and print ads will begin running on March 10th and will continue through September.

Kathleen Hart

Director, Public Relations