Lifespan and Boston Children's Hospital leaders
Pictured from left: David DeMaso, MD, psychiatrist-in-chief of Boston Children’s Hospital and chairman of The Leon Eisenberg Chair in Psychiatry; Henry Sachs, MD, vice president and chief medical officer of Bradley Hospital; Margaret M. Van Bree, MHA, DrPH, president of Rhode Island Hospital and its pediatric division Hasbro Children’s Hospital; Kevin Churchwell, MD, president and chief operating officer of Boston Children's Hospital; Sandra Fenwick, CEO of Boston Children's Hospital; and Timothy J. Babineau, MD, president and CEO of Lifespan.

Boston Children's Hospital and Hasbro Children’s Hospital have signed an agreement to identify areas of care for children and adolescents in which a formal collaboration will enhance the organizations’ ability to ensure that each patient gets the right care in the right setting, with the goal of treating patients close to where they live whenever possible.

The agreement builds on the existing collaboration of both organizations’ clinicians in treating patients with heart conditions and cancers by reinforcing those collaborations and identifying new areas of opportunity to improve care, including in fetal treatments and behavioral health.  Relying on the talents and expertise of their clinicians, Hasbro Children’s and Boston Children’s will jointly develop protocols and pathways, especially for patients with rare and complex conditions. Hasbro Children’s Hospital patients will benefit from a defined relationship with Boston Children’s for stem cell transplantation; Boston Children’s patients will benefit from work with Lifespan’s Bradley Hospital, a psychiatric hospital for children.  Because both hospitals have strong programs, they will share expertise and research and will provide consultation to advance pediatric care in the region.

“Hasbro Children’s Hospital provides 95% of the inpatient care for pediatric patients in Rhode Island, with less than 1% of patients leaving the state for care. This collaboration is designed to keep patients local, continue to provide what the local community expects from Hasbro Children’s, while cementing a relationship that will inspire further advances in pediatric care,” said Rhode Island Hospital President Margaret M. Van Bree, M.H.A., Dr.P.H. "Together, our goal is to advance the scope and quality of care we deliver regionally and facilitate access to the innovations of another pediatric hospital.”  

"Boston Children's is committed to the best clinical and research-based care with the highest-quality patient outcomes," said Sandra L. Fenwick, CEO of Boston Children’s Hospital. "This agreement recognizes that great care should be provided as close to a patient’s home as possible, which can be achieved only if we work with other excellent pediatric hospitals. Boston Children’s and Hasbro Children’s together have the determination and know-how to bring the best quality outcomes to patients efficiently.  We aim to build on two strong records of success and deliver value to our patients through this collaboration.”

Elena Falcone-Relvas

Senior Public Relations Officer
Bradley Hospital & Hasbro Children's Hospital