Gene Anthony Cardarelli, PhD, MPH, DABR, FAAPM, FACMP

Gene Anthony Cardarelli, PhD, MPH, DABR, FAAPM, FACMP

Associate Medical Physicist, Rhode Island Hospital

Phone: 401-444-8546

Mailing address:
Department of Radiation Oncology
Rhode Island Hospital
593 Eddy Street
Providence, RI 02903


2013-2018: Director of Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology, Hartford Healthcare Cancer Institute, Hartford, CT
2013-2018: Director of Medical Physics and Radiation Oncology, Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT
2010-2013: Director of Medical Physics, Helen and Harry Gray Cancer Center, Hartford Hospital, Hartford, CT
2009-2010: Chief Physicist and Interim Director of Radiation Oncology, Southcoast Center for Cancer Care, Charlton Memorial Hospital/Southcoast Hospitals Group, Fall River, MA
2008-2009: Associate Chief Medical Physicist, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI
2004-2007: Radiotherapy Physicist, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI
1993-2004: Associate Physicist, Rhode Island Hospital, Providence, RI
1989-1993: Radiological Physicist, Greenville Hospital System, Greenville, SC
1985-1989: Radiation Physicist/Radiation Safety Officer, Boston City Hospital, Boston
1983-1985: Radiation Specialist, Boston University Medical Center, Boston
1982-1983: Nuclear Medicine Technologist Trainee, University Hospital, Boston


2006: PhD, Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA
1989: MS, Applied Physics, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, MA
1986: MPH, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston


Selected Publications

  • Cardarelli, GA, Campbell, C., and Evdokimoff, V. The Superiority of the Low Energy Gamma Na/ Survey Meter Over the GM to Detect P-32 Contamination. J HEALTH PHYS VOL. 50, No. 1, JAN 1986, 138-139.
  • Cardarelli, GA, Rao, SN, and Cail D. Investigation of the Relative Surface Dose from Lipowitz Metal Tissue Compensators For 24 And 6 MV X-Ray Beams. MEDICAL PHYS VOL. 18, NO.2 MAR/APR 1991, pp 282-287.
  • Sapna, J, Dupey, D, Cardarelli, G, Zheng, Z and DiPetrillo, T Percutaneous Radiofrequency Ablation of Pulmonary Malignancies: Combined Treatment with Brachytherapy. American Journal of Roentgenology 2003; 181:711-715.
  • Neenad M. Shah, Todd Tenenholz, Douglas Arthur, Thomas DiPetrillo, Bruce Bornstein, Gene Cardarelli, Zhen Zheng, Mark J. Rivard, Seth Kaufman, David E. Wazer MammoSite and interstitial brachytherapy for accelerated partial breast irradiation: Factors that affect toxicity and cosmesis. CANCER VOL. 101, NO. 4, AUGUST 15, 2004.
  • Gandhi, S, Meech, S, Puthawala, MY, Furgeson, W, Cardarelli, GA, Dupuy, DE.Combined CT-guided Radiofrequency Ablation and Brachytherapy in a Child with Multiple Recurrences of Wilm's Tumor. Journal for Pediatric Hematology and Oncology. Volume 27, Issue 7 July 2005.
  • Evans, SB, Kaufman, SA, Price, LL, Cardarelli, GA, DiPetrillo, TA, Wazer, DE. Persistent Seroma After lntraoperative Placement of MAMMOSITE for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: Incidence, Pathologic Anatomy, and Contribution Factors. IJROBP Vol. 65, No. 2 pp.333-339, 2006.
  • Hiatt, J, Evans, SB, Price, LL, Cardarelli, GA, DiPetrillo, TA, and Wazer, DE. A Dose Modeling Study to Compare External Beam Techniques from Protocol NSABP B-39/RTOG 0413 for Patients with Highly Unfavorable Cardiac Anatomy. IJROBP 2006
  • Cardarelli, Gene. The Effects of Small Field Dosimetry on the Biological Models Used in Evaluating IMRT Dose Distributions. Doctoral Dissertation, National Library of Congress. February 2006.
  • Fast, LO, Cardarelli, GA, DiLeone, G. Mirasol® PRT treatment of Donor leukocytes prevents the development of xenogeneic graft-versus-host disease in Rag2-l-l*gamma"'lc-l- double knockout mice. TRANSFUSION 2006
  • Napoli, J, Stutsman, S, Chu, JCH, Gong, X, Cardarelli, GA, Ryan, TP, and Favalora, GE. Radiation Therapy Planning using a volumetric 3-D display: PerspectaRAD. Proceedings of SPIE-IS&T Electronic Imaging, SPIE vol 6803 Article CID (2008).
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  • Hepel JT, Hiatt JR, Cardarelli GA, and Wazer DE.  Modeling Study for Optimization of Skin Dose for Partial Breast Irradiation Using Xoft Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy Applicator.  Brachytherapy. 2010 Jan-Mar;9(1):81-5. Epub 2009 Oct 21
  • James J. Segala, Gene A. Cardarelli, Jessica R. Hiatt, Bruce H. Curran, Edward S. Sternick. Interface dosimetry for electronic brachytherapy intracavitary breast balloon applicators.  J Appl Clin Med Phys. 2011 Mar 2;12(2):3221