James Beaulieu, PharmD

James Beaulieu, PharmD

Department Coordinator, Medication Use Policy, Safety, and Outcomes Team

James Beaulieu, PharmD, is the coordinator for the pharmacy’s formulary management programs and the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. He is also the co-chair of the Lifespan Joint Order Set Committee.

Education: BS, Pharmacy, University of Connecticut School of Pharmacy (1987); Doctor of Pharmacy, University of Rhode Island (2001)

Residency: PGY-1, Rhode Island Hospital (1991)

Practice/Research Interests:  Formulary Management, Education/Teaching

Select Publications: 

Beaulieu J, Carmichael J, Gillis Chelsia, Harrison S, Jordan J, Lovely J, Sarosiek, B, and Wolfe, R. Consensus statement on focused enhanced recovery approaches to return of bowel function after colorectal surgery. Vizient Inc. April 2021.

Shen J and Beaulieu J. Rhode Island Hospital clinical pharmacist training, knowledge and experience. Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research. 2013;21(6):699-703.

Beaulieu J, Fortin R, Palmisciano L, Elsaid K, Collins C.  Enhancing Clinical Decision Support to Achieve Appropriate Antibiotic Use. Am J Health Syst Pharm 2013;70:1103-1113.