ShannonBaker, PharmD

Shannon Baker, PharmD, BCSCP

Pharmacy Manager, Compounding

Shannon Baker, PharmD, BCSCP, plays an important role in ensuring regulatory compliance for the IV and oncology areas of Rhode Island Hospital. She participates in committees and work groups to improve the efficiency and safety of compounded sterile preparations.

Education: University of Rhode Island (PharmD, 2005)

Practice/Research Interests: Compounding (sterile, non-sterile, hazardous, non-hazardous), oncology, pharmacy revenue integrity

Pronouns: She/her

Select publications:

Anti-SARS-CoV-2 Monoclonal Antibodies in Pediatrics: Statewide Experience in Rhode Island. Ibrahim O, McCormick W, Ferlisi K, Baker S, Lulla R, Koster M. R I Med J (2013). 2023 Aug 1;106(7):31-36.