Sports Head Injuries

sports head injury

Sports head injuries happen frequently, whether they take place during a recreational activity such as bike riding, a pick-up game of soccer, or an organized football game. These injuries can occur to the eye, ear, face, mouth, and/or brain, and can leave lasting effects that can affect a person’s quality of life.

For example, after suffering a concussion, a person may have difficulty concentrating, experience headaches, or have a heightened sensitivity to light and loud noises. If a child returns to sports before fully recovering from a concussion, they risk experiencing a much more serious head injury that may lead to lifelong impairment or even death.

Sports head injuries are often preventable and people can help to minimize their risk by wearing the appropriate protective equipment. This may include eye goggles, helmets or mouth guards. Taking these precautions may help to prevent an injury from progressing into a serious problem.

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