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Behavioral Medicine Approach to Sleep Problems

Lifespan offers a wide array of services to correct sleep problems. Among those is the behavioral sleep medicine program at Rhode Island Hospital.

Rhode Island Hospital offers comprehensive treatments to improve sleep using a wide range of interventions. Led by Jared Minkel, PhD, our collaborative program is interdisciplinary, bringing sleep specialists in psychiatry, pulmonology, and psychology together to develop a treatment plan that fits each patient’s needs. If we conclude that your sleep problem will require treatment from a physician or psychologist with a different specialty, we will refer you to the best provider for your needs.

Most people don’t know why they can’t sleep, so it is important to start with a thorough evaluation.

To schedule an appointment, please call 401-606-0606.

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Behavioral Sleep Medicine
146 West River Street
Providence, RI 02904
Suite 1K (second floor)
146 West River Street
Providence, RI 02904