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Lifespan Cancer Institute Conducts Next Phase in Breast Cancer Research

The Woman Disruptor of the Year Brings Innovative Research to Lifespan

Stephanie L. Graff, MD, director of breast oncology at the Lifespan Cancer Institute, received an honor with a powerful name. She was named the Woman Disruptor of the Year at the 2022 American Society of Clinical Oncology conference.

Dr. Graff is at the forefront of Lifespan’s breast cancer research, bringing clinical trials with promising results. She is leading the next phases of the Destiny breast clinical trials at Lifespan. These trials have been exploring the use of a new, FDA-approved drug trastuzumab deruxtecan (Enhertu), that targets a protein that increases breast cancer growth. Trial results have shown that it works against tumors with very low levels of the protein. This latest gain for targeted cancer therapy could open new treatment possibilities to thousands of patients with advanced breast cancer.

About the Destiny Breast Trials

Dr. Graff and the Lifespan Cancer Institute team will be opening the next round of Destiny breast trials; Destiny breast-06 and Destiny breast-07. They will be looking at using the drug in earlier lines of treatment and in combination with traditional chemotherapy for improved outcomes and safety. The overall goals of these studies are to see if the drug can be used as a curative breast cancer treatment.

The Lifespan Cancer Institute, with the Cancer Center at Brown University, is poised to lead in cancer care and research. We are working towards achieving a National Cancer Institute designation, the highest federal rating a cancer center can achieve.

"I am thrilled to help Rhode Island establish ways to pair the right clinical trials, the right medicines, and the right innovations for the patients we are honored to care for."

- Stephanie L. Graff, MD, director of breast oncology at Lifespan Cancer Institute, Providence Business News, July 10, 2022

For more information on the Destiny breast trials and other research at the Breast Cancer Multidisciplinary Clinic please call the Lifespan Cancer Institute at 1-844-222-2881.

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