Cardio-Oncology Program
Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute

Cardio-Oncology Keys to Success

The keys to success in cardio-oncology begin with collaboration between the cardiologist and the oncologist. It is essential that the cardiologist and the oncologist work together on the patient’s holistic care.

Also, cancer survivors are living longer, and with advancing age the chances for developing both cancer and heart disease increase. Therefore, it is even more critical for survivors to maintain heart health as a key to cardio-oncological success; in particular, exercise and follow-up care are of prime importance for this group. “Anticipate and prevent” is a phrase frequently used by the cardio-oncology team.

Among future advances in the field of cardio-oncology are novel methods to detect cardiotoxicity such as noninvasive imaging, circulating proteins, and genetic markers. Also on the horizon are new guidelines for cardioprotective therapies, specific training in cardio-oncology, and advances in personalized medicine.