Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities (CADD)
Bradley Hospital

Residential Services

In a recent accreditation survey by the Joint Commission, the residential programs operated by the Center for Autism and Developmental Disabilities achieved a perfect score. Bradley Hospital provides four residential treatment options for up to 32 children and adolescents, ages 8 to 21, who present with chronic behavior disorders of varying degrees, in addition to a developmental disability.

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For more information, please contact us by phone at 401-432-1189 or by fax at 401-432-1500.

Hill House

Hill House is a residential program in the Fruit Hill section of North Providence, Rhode Island. It serves children 12 to 21 years of age with severe autism spectrum disorders. Children admitted to Hill House require intensive one-on-one staffing in order to ensure that they receive maximum benefit from services, as well as to ensure their personal safety.

Heritage House

Heritage House is located in Warwick, RI, and serves teenage boys and girls, ages 12 to 21, with mild intellectual disability, Asperger's disorder, and mild to moderate behavior disorders such as attention and motivation deficits, as well as social and life skill deficits. This eight-bed residential facility has a less intensive 2:1 student to clinical staff ratio, with an emphasis placed on preparing students for transition to varying degrees of "independent living" as they approach young adulthood.

Rumford House

Rumford House is located in Rumford, a sub-section of East Providence, RI. Similar to Heritage House, it is an eight-bed house serving teenage boys, ages 12 to 21, with mild intellectual disability, Asperger's disorder and mild to moderate behavior disorders. It, too, has a 2:1 staffing ratio and emphasizes preparation for transition to independent living in young adulthood.

Exeter House

Exeter House is an eight bed program located in Exeter, Rhode Island. It serves adolescents, ages 9 to 14, with autism spectrum disorder and/or intellectual disability, as well as mild to moderate behavior disorder. The objective of a student's admission to Exeter House is successful reunification with the family within one year.