Early Childhood Treatment Program

Very young children, from birth to six, may develop difficulty regulating and expressing emotions, forming close and secure interpersonal relationships, exploring and mastering the environment, and learning cultural expectations. Young children and their families may face very challenging circumstances and experience traumatic events—child abuse, post traumatic stress disorder, violence, ongoing attachment challenges, depression, and health problems – that contribute to mental health concerns and that require more focused intervention with a mental health professional.

We at Gateway are concerned with risk factors that relate to serious mental health disruptions that cause suffering and developmental compromises in very young children.

Our early childhood clinicians have knowledge of attachment and early development, infant and family observation for the purpose of early assessment and care, the identification of disorders in infancy, and strategies for intervention with parent and child. The services that they provide through the CFTO team include:

  • concrete assistance with basic needs,
  • emotional support,
  • developmental guidance,
  • early relationship assessment and support,
  • child-parent psychotherapy, and
  • advocacy

We provide relationship-focused interventions, attending to the emotional experience of the child and the family.