The Comprehensive Epilepsy Program (CEP) at Rhode Island Hospital treats patients with seizures and epilepsy through a multidisciplinary team approach, using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Our team of experts includes neurologists (epileptologists), neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, neuroradiologists, and specialized nursing and technical teams, who work together to provide integrated, expert care that is unique in our region. Ours is the only epilepsy program in southeastern New England offering comprehensive care in one location. We have been serving southeastern New England for more than 10 years, treating thousands of adult and pediatric patients annually. 

Rhode Island Hospital's CEP is designated a Level 4 Epilepsy Center (the highest level) by the National Association of Epilepsy Centers. This designation is earned by centers that provide the most comprehensive forms of intensive neurodiagnostic monitoring; most extensive medical, neuropsychological, and psychosocial treatments; and the complete range of surgical procedures for epilepsy. Ours is the only team in Rhode Island that includes experts in the surgical treatment of epilepsy. We have available the latest technologies needed to evaluate adult and pediatric patients, including long-term video-EEG monitoring and advanced neuroimaging (3T MRI, fMRI, PET and SPECT).

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Comprehensive Epilepsy Program, Rhode Island Hospital
593 Eddy Street
Providence, RI 02903
593 Eddy Street
Providence, RI 02903

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