Geriatric Psychiatry

Inpatient and Emergency Department Patient Consultations

Mental health is a significant factor in the overall functioning and medical health of our hospitalized elders. Our consultation psychiatry service addresses the mental health issues of hospitalized patients in view of their medical condition and overall health.

Multidisciplinary teams headed by a psychiatrist provide consultations. The team includes psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, psychiatric nurse clinicians, nurse specialists, psychiatric social workers, and psychiatric residents. They work collaboratively to evaluate and care for patients whose psychiatric problems affect their medical conditions or whose medical illness generates psychiatric (neuropsychiatric) symptoms or conditions.

Skilled in addressing the particular issues of geriatric patients, including pain management, dementia evaluation, decision-making ability, and need for subsequent care, the team works closely with patients' physicians, social workers, and nursing staff to ensure that the mental health needs of both patients and their families are met.

Among the conditions treated are dementia, delirium, depression, agitation, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis, and substance abuse. In some cases, patients may be referred to our other specialized services, including inpatient and outpatient services, the Geriatric Behavioral Health Long-Term Care Program, the Neuropsychology Program, or the Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Disorders Center.

Requests for inpatient medical/surgical consultation are made through the patient's attending physician.