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Our Multidisciplinary Team

Under the direction of orthopedics and geriatrics, we have brought together team members from emergency medicine, anesthesia, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, nutrition, case management and social work to focus on our patients’ needs. We streamline care from the emergency department to surgery to physical therapy, with the goal of shortening hospital stays, reducing pain and complications, and getting patients home and on their feet again as quickly as possible.



Roman A. Hayda, MD Headshot

Roman A. Hayda, MD

Chief of Orthopedic Trauma, Rhode Island Hospital

Christopher T. Born, MD Headshot

Christopher T. Born, MD

Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon

Nadia Mujahid, MD Headshot

Nadia Mujahid, MD

Co-Director of Geriatric Fracture Program at RIH