Innovation Center for Urologic Research and Education (iCURE)

The Innovation Center for Urologic Research and Education (iCURE) is a new urologic research center located at The Miriam Hospital, committed to scientific advancement and research collaborations that nurture innovation and ultimately improve the health of patients. The first of its kind in the region, this collaboration focused on minimally invasive urology brings together surgeons, industry leaders, and scientists to create solutions that put the urology patient front-and-center in their care.

iCURE Goals

iCURE goals include:

  • Attract clinical trials and cutting-edge innovation
  • Evaluate research hypotheses 
  • Innovate and develop new devices
  • Nurture research collaborations between clinicians, academia, industry, and patients and families
  • Increase participation in the clinical trial research space
  • Serve as a hub for pioneering urologic research in the Northeast

iCURE will fulfill its goal of generating innovative and influential data with far-reaching impact by encouraging collaboration with a variety of research institutes, industry partners, and academic departments to hypothesize, design, and test novel devices and services to support urologic care worldwide. The center will also serve as a testbed to create better services for patients with urologic needs.

Educational Opportunities

In addition to nurturing research, iCURE is also committed to promoting educational opportunities by:

  • Hosting national conferences
  • Inviting world-class medical experts to The Miriam Hospital as guest lecturers
  • Enhancing the educational experience of Brown University urology residents, fellows, and medical students
  • Cultivating a multidisciplinary model to enhance the education of local nursing, pathology, social work, nutrition, and physical therapy schools

Though our work, iCURE hopes to improve the health and spirits of the lives we touch.  

Funding for iCURE is provided by The Miriam Hospital Foundation.

Surgeons performing surgery

Recognized for Excellence

The Minimally Invasive Urology Institute has been consistently recognized for excellence in multidisciplnary care. 

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iCURE Domains

The foundational domains of iCURE are:

  • Translational research: Basic science and animal, cellular, genetic, and translational research studies
  • Clinical and health outcomes research: Clinical, health outcomes, and epidemiological research studies 
  • Patient-centered research: Patient-centered research studies, including qualitative and mixed-method studies 
  • Innovation: Innovation in partnership with internal and external industry partners        
  • Education: Development and delivery of training and education initiatives            
  • Strategy: Nurturing innovation in all program areas and driving culture change across the institute
  • Development and outreach: Dissemination of key findings, outcomes, and accomplishments among the lay and medical communities responsible for philanthropy and donations