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Who needs inpatient rehab?

Common problems that would require intensive inpatient rehabilitation include neurological conditions, cardiac problems, orthopedic conditions, traumatic injuries, amputation, burn injuries, and other serious medical illness. The treatment plan is highly individualized according to the patient’s condition or injury, degree of impairment, age, general health, and motivation.

Neurological Conditions and Strokes

Neurological conditions include stroke, brain or spinal cord injury or tumors, and neurological disorders or neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Guillain-Barre syndrome, cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular or movement disorders.

Rehabilitation after a stroke depends on the part of the brain affected and the patient’s resulting deficits. The specialized team in the rehabilitation unit creates an individualized plan that addresses the patient’s specific needs, focusing on any of the following: communication, vision, mobility, learning and memory, judgment and thinking, behavior, and emotions.

Our expert staff provides targeting treatment for all neurological conditions:

  • Patients who have suffered brain or spinal cord injury undergo rehabilitative therapy that focuses on compensating for loss of function so that patients become as independent as possible. Injuries to the nervous system produce a wide range of symptoms that vary depending on the parts of the brain or spinal cord involved. The rehabilitation staff works with patients in a highly individualized manner to help them maximize their recovery and adapt to long-term deficits, which could be physical, cognitive, psychological, or emotional.
  • Patients with neurological disorders or neurodegenerative diseases commonly have problems related to balance, gait, posture, muscle tone, and muscle contraction. Rehabilitation helps minimize the severity of the symptoms and can also help patients learn ways to adapt to discomfort and lost function. The staff helps patients manage their conditions so they can be as independent as possible. This is especially important as a disease progresses or symptoms become more pronounced.

Cardiac Conditions

Patients recovering from serious cardiac conditions or surgery often require inpatient rehabilitation. An individualized exercise and behavior modification program is based on the needs—emotional, psychological and physical—of each patient. 

Recovery from Orthopedic Surgery or Traumatic Injuries

Our rehabilitation specialists work with orthopedic patients who have had surgery to amputate or repair joints or bones damaged by injury or trauma. The rehabilitation process begins immediately after surgery to facilitate a faster recovery and return to normal activity. Experienced occupational and physical therapists work with patients to help restore function, improve patients’ levels of activity, alleviate pain, build confidence, and prevent or limit permanent disability.

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