International Adoption Clinic

International Adoption Clinic

The goal of the international adoption clinic at Hasbro Children's Hospital is to provide parents who are contemplating international adoption with the best pre-adoption medical advice and consultation, as well as similar services after the arrival of the adopted child. 

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Our staff can help you with adoption-related medical advice for a child from any country in the world.

Our services include review of medical records, video tapes, correspondence with adoptive parents regarding special concerns and questions, medical opinion regarding health of potential adoptees and post-adoption health evaluations.

Medical Staff

Our medical staff includes:

  • developmental pediatrician
  • developmental psychologist
  • pediatric neurologist
  • specialist in pediatric infectious diseases


Every member of our team is affiliated with The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. We are not affiliated with any adoption agency and cannot recommend an agency or provide legal advice. Our advice is independent, confidential and personal.


Pre-adoption services are usually not covered by health insurance plans and are billed directly to the individuals seeking them. Charges for these services range between $100 and $250, depending on complexity of the case. Post-adoption evaluations are usually covered by health insurance plans.

International Adoption Clinic Locations