Lifespan Cancer Institute

How We Can Help


The primary goals of dietitians at the Lifespan Cancer Institute are to manage cancer symptoms, ensure overall comfort and maximize patient well-being. These goals can be reached in a number of ways and our dietitians will work with you to create a personalized plan that best fits your specific cancer area, symptoms and lifestyle.

It is proven that proper nutrition can minimize the effects of cancer treatments and improve the tolerance of therapies, like chemotherapy. Dietitians can help you to enhance your immune system, prevent nutrient deficiencies, preserve body mass, maintain energy and strength, aid in your recovery and healing and help prevent cancer recurrence. The services of a dietitian can be especially helpful for high-risk patients with gastrointestinal, lung, or head and neck cancer, or patients with feeding tubes.

If you are undergoing treatment at the Lifespan Cancer Institute, you may automatically be referred to a dietitian. If you do not receive a referral, ask your physician if you might benefit from nutrition services.