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We can help with your health programming needs

Lifespan Community Health Institute can provide a targeted health program for your group, whatever age, or support your group’s community health programming efforts.  

To find out more information about our programs or to arrange a special program for your group, call us at 401-444-8009 or email

Carrie Bridges Feliz, MPH Headshot

Carrie Bridges Feliz, MPH


Ana Almeida-DoRosário Headshot

Ana Almeida-DoRosário

Community Outreach Coordinator

Bonnie Braga Headshot

Bonnie Braga

Community Outreach Specialist

Koren Carbuccia Headshot

Koren Carbuccia

Community Health Worker

Doralice DeSousa Headshot

Doralice DeSousa

Administrative Clerk

Evelyn Infante Headshot

Evelyn Infante

Training Center Assistant

Carinel LeGrand, MPA Headshot

Carinel LeGrand, MPA

Connect for Health Program Coordinator

Marianne Stepanian, RN Headshot

Marianne Stepanian, RN

Cardiac Project Coordinator

Stephanie Taveras Headshot

Stephanie Taveras

Community Outreach Specialist

Anthony Thigpen Headshot

Anthony Thigpen

Community Health Worker

Michelle Wheelock, MSW, CLC Headshot

Michelle Wheelock, MSW, CLC

Program Coordinator, Connect for Health

Robin Zaman Headshot

Robin Zaman

Project Coordinator