Our Staff

We can help with your health programming needs

Lifespan Community Health Institute can provide a targeted health program for your group, whatever age, or support your group’s community health programming efforts.  

To find out more information about our programs or to arrange a special program for your group, call us at 401-444-8009 or email rzaman@lifespan.org.

Carrie Bridges Feliz, MPH

Phone: 401-444-8135 
Email: cbridgesfeliz@lifespan.org

Ana Almeida-DoRosário
Community Outreach Coordinator

Phone: 401-444-8069
Email: aalmeidadorosario@lifespan.org

Bonnie Braga
Community Outreach Specialist

Phone: 401-444-8076
Email: bbraga@lifespan.org

Koren Carbuccia
Community Health Worker

Phone: 401-444-8115
Email: kcarbuccia@lifespan.org

Doralice DeSousa
Administrative Clerk

Phone: 401-444-8139
Email: ddesousa@lifespan.org

Evelyn Infante
Training Center Assistant

Phone: 401-444-8136
Email: einfante@lifespan.org

Carinel LeGrand, MPA
Connect for Health Program Coordinator

Phone: 401-444-8150
Email: Carinel.LeGrand@lifespan.org

Marianne Stepanian, RN
Cardiac Project Coordinator

Phone: 401-444-8063
Email: mstepanian@lifespan.org

Stephanie Taveras
Community Outreach Specialist

Phone: 401-444-8088
Email: Stephanie.Taveras1@lifespan.org

Anthony Thigpen
Community Health Worker

Phone: 401-444-8115
Email: athigpen@lifespan.org

Michelle Wheelock, MSW, CLC
Program Coordinator, Connect for Health
Robin Zaman
Project Coordinator

Phone: 401-444-8009
Email: rzaman@lifespan.org