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What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine is the evidence-based practice of assisting individuals and families to adopt and sustain behaviors that can improve health and quality of life. Lifestyle Medicine focuses on six areas:  physical activity, healthful eating, nutrition, stress management, sleep, and relationships.

Lifespan Lifestyle Medicine Center

At the Lifespan Lifestyle Medicine Center we believe that caring for a patient is more than writing a prescription or ordering a test. We care for the whole person. Our lifestyle medicine team works with you to identify areas that you would like to improve and help you set health-enhancing goals, such as increasing physical activity, improving eating habits, or managing stress.

Together, you and the lifestyle medicine team designs an action plan, which includes identifying resources to support your personal health goals and the encouragement you need to attain and maintain your results. In doing so, current health concerns can be minimized and the risk for future health problems reduced.

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Resources for Men and Women at the Lifestyle Medicine Center

Our three key areas focus are:

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Our approach is not a diet or weight loss program. It is a roadmap to healthy living focused on nutrition. Our approach includes programs that will meet your needs based on where you are on your own wellness path.

We focus on behaviors that help you to be healthy and feel healthy. It is hard to escape images and discussions about weight and appearance. Our team is sensitive to the psychological harm, social stigma, and prejudice many have experienced associated with body size or shape. This program fosters body positivity and mindfulness.

Learn more about our nutrition and healthy eating programs including:


Stress Reduction

Stress is a given in everyday life. Some amount of stress may even be good for you. But constant stress can have a negative effect on your physical and mental health. Learning how to recognize and manage stress is key.

Programs we are currently offering in this area include:


Physical Activity

Exercise is vital to a healthy life. The key to sustaining exercise is finding an activity you really enjoy. Lifestyle Medicine providers can help you get started by setting reasonable exercise goals.

Programs we currently offer include:

A woman eating cereal and smiling

Intuitive Eating: It’s Not a Diet

Maybe it’s time to forget about “diets” and give intuitive eating a try. 

Embrace intuitive eating

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