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COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Safety is our top priority.

COVID-19: Your safety is our top concern.

We know that you want to feel confident that you are entering a safe environment when you come to Lifespan Physician Group offices for care. That’s why we have made some changes in response to COVID-19.

Lifespan Physician Group has worked closely with Lifespan’s infection prevention and infectious diseases teams so that we can provide the care you need in a space that is as clean as possible, with social distancing measures carefully observed. Your safety and that of our staff is our top concern.

If you have an appointment scheduled, please review this information before visiting any Lifespan facility or outpatient practice for an appointment or procedure. 

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Our Services

Whether you need pediatric care or neurological care, Lifespan Physician Group can help. See our list of services for more information.

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Lifespan Physician Group Primary Care

Overdue for a checkup? Our primary care physicians across the state of Rhode Island are accepting new patients.

About Lifespan Physician Group

Lifespan Physician Group (LPG) has become the largest multi-specialty practice in Rhode Island since its inception in 2012. 

Our growing network of over 820 providers offers a multitude of services that encompass medical areas such as primary care, psychiatry and behavioral health, women’s medicine, urgent care and specialty services including cardiology, gastroenterology, and ophthalmology.

LPG’s continuum of care guarantees access to specialty services within our network, as well as to all clinical care across the Lifespan health system. Our teams provide patients with care ranging from basic needs to the most advanced treatments. Our integrated approach to your care is facilitated by your single electronic health record, MyLifespan.

Meet the Lifespan Physician Group primary care providers who are accepting new patients in convenient locations near you. 

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Lifespan Urgent Care

Now open in Providence, Warwick and Middletown.

Lifespan Locations

Over 1,620 hospitals and clinics throughout Rhode Island, here are some featured locations: