Lifespan School of Medical Imaging

School of Medical Imaging

The mission of Lifespan School of Medical Imaging is to work collaboratively with technologists and other healthcare professionals to prepare students with entry level employment skills to meet the needs of the community.  The school offers a variety of clinical settings to diversify and enhance student learning and networking in its communities of interest. 

The Lifespan School of Medical Imaging provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to competently perform their professional responsibilities in the following programs:

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Contact Us

Phone: 401-606-8531
Fax: 401-606-8532
(Note: This fax number is for the school. Do not fax patient information to this number.)

Student Handbook

Our student handbook includes comprehensive information about the program.
Lifespan School of Medical Imaging Student Handbook (PDF)

Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Please note, this schedule is subject to change.

Download the Calendar (PDF)

Spring 2021

January 19: Start of spring semester

February 17: President’s Day, no school 

March 24: Mid-semester grades due

April 2: Good Friday, no school 

April 28: Cap and Gown Convocation, no school 

April 30: Program completion for seniors 

May 4: Reading day

May 5 to 7: Final exams

May 11 to 15: Break

May 15: Graduation

Summer 2021

May 17: Start of summer semester 

May 31: Memorial Day, no school

July 5: Independence Day break, no school

July 10: Mid-semester grades due

August 9: Victory Day, no school

August 16: Reading day 

August 17 to 20: Final exams 

August 23 to 27: Break

Fall 2021

August 30: Start of semester 

September 6: Labor Day, no school

October 11: Columbus Day, no school

October 13: Mid-semester grades due

November 11: Veteran’s Day, no school

November 24 to 26: Thanksgiving recess

December 13: Reading day 

December 14 to 17: Final exams 

December 20, 2021 to January 7 or 14, 2022: Break will be 3 or 4 weeks

Spring 2022

January 11 to 15: Week of clinical education

January 17: Martin Luther King Day, no school

January 18: Start of semester 

February 21: President’s Day, no school

March 7 to 11: Spring recess

March 16: Mid-semester grades due

April 15: Good Friday, no school

April 27: Cap and Gown Convocation, no school

April 29: Program completion for seniors 

May 2: Reading day

May 3 to 6: Final exams

May 9 to 13: Break

May 15: Graduation

Summer 2022

May 16: Start of summer semester 

May 30: Memorial Day, no school

July 4 to 5: Independence Day break, no school

July 6: Mid-semester grades due

August 8: Victory Day, no school

August 15: Reading day 

August 16 to 19: Final exams 

August 23 to 27: Summer Break


Best Student Oral Abstract: Kathryn Beaulieu

At the 2019 Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Annual Meeting in California, Kathryn Beaulieu was honored with the “Best Student Oral Abstract – First Place” award for her abstract: "Is There a Correlation between Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) and Imaging Modalities That May Aid in Detecting Disease Progression in Patients with Prostate Cancer Post Prostatectomy?”