Education Programs


Noreen Stonor Drexel Birthing Center Education programs are available to all expectant mothers and their families. Please call 401-845-1547 for more information about schedules and registration.

  • Expectant Parents Orientation Tour - free
    This is a free tour for expectant families, covering the layout of the birthing area and giving young siblings an opportunity to become familiar with the place mom will be spending the night.

  • Childbirth Preparation Classes - $116 per couple
    These childbirth preparation classes are for the expectant mother and her partner. Topics include Lamaze instruction and relaxation techniques, understanding the stages of labor, pain management and coping mechanisms, and newborn feeding and parenting. This is a series of 4 classes, offered in the evenings.
    We also offer:

    • A condensed (one day) Saturday class, which is offered every other month. The cost for this class is $116 per couple.
    • A refresher class, offered for expectant parents who need only to refresh their knowledge of the childbirth process and newborn care. The cost for this class is $58 per couple.


  • Breastfeeding Class - $29 per couple
    This class educates expectant parents about the advantages of breastfeeding, frequency of feedings, techniques for beginning breastfeeding, and how to know when baby is getting enough. Dads are welcome and encouraged to attend. The class is offered the second Tuesday of the month.

  • Breastfeeding Support Group - free
    A postpartum support group is offered free to assist new mothers and provide support in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Moms are encouraged to share their ideas and concerns with other new mothers. The group is facilitated by a board-certified lactation consultant. This group meets every Thursday in the birthing center.

  • Family and Friends CPR and First Aid -$53 per person
    This class is held monthly and involves two evenings. It is designed especially for parents and others who will be caring for the baby. The class will teach basic CPR skills to adults for children and infants, and what to do for a choking child.

  • Infant Care Class - $29 per couple
    This class teaches parents what to expect for the first six weeks after the baby’s birth. Discussions focus on the mother following the birth, as well as family adjustment issues. Information on feeding and care of the newborn is also included.

  • Cesarean Preparation
    Instruction is offered for expectant couples who will be delivering by Cesarean section. This session is reserved by appointment with the nurse educator.

Additional Services

  • Lactation Consultation 

Our certified lactation consultants are available for private consultations with women who have been referred by their primary care providers or pediatricians.

  • The 24-hour Warm Line
    The birthing center 24-hour Warm Line is available to all parents who have any questions or concerns regarding newborn care, parenting, or care of self. The Warm Line is 401-845-1110.