Parenting Matters

Parenting Matters Workshop Series

Bradley Hospital, the nation’s first psychiatric hospital for children, and the Lifespan Community Health Institute offer the Parenting Matters workshops series. Our workshops offer parents, childcare providers, social workers and teachers a unique opportunity to learn from top child development and behavior professionals in a casual setting.

Upcoming Workshops for Fall 2021

This workshop will explore the world of gender diversity, including the growing list of terms, labels, and concepts that are common among gender diverse youth. Forces of marginalization, suppression, and shame will be discussed as pathways by which health risks arise.

However, the workshop will also review pathways to resiliency, including the ways that parents and families can build an affirming and nurturing environment at home. Common principles that guide gender affirming mental health care will be introduced and resources available for gender diverse youth and their families in the state of Rhode Island will be reviewed.

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Approval has been sought to award continuing education credits for social workers, early child care providers, and mental health professionals.