Sex and Gender in Emergency Medicine (SGEM)

SGEM Fellowship and Elective Education

The sex and gender in emergency medicine (SGEM) one- and two-year fellowships offer each candidate the ability to create a research or educational focus. Over the course of the fellowship, trainees will:

  • Develop an understanding of the gaps in sex-and-gender-based research in emergency medicine
  • Gain the skills necessary to practice comprehensive, sex-and-gender-specific emergency medicine
  • Receive didactic training and mentorship in performing research on sex and gender topics in emergency medicine
  • Recognize ways to become active leaders in sex and gender medicine and women’s health locally and nationally
  • Learn to promote access to high quality, culturally competent women’s health care in emergency medicine
  • Develop competency in instruction of medical students, residents, and faculty in the area of sex and gender medicine and women’s health in emergency medicine
  • Earn an advanced degree or specialized certificate training from Brown University or take coursework relevant to their interests that will advance their skills


Applicants must be graduating or have graduated from an accredited emergency medicine residency. All applicants must:

  • Provide a letter of interest, current CV and three letters of recommendation (including a letter from the residency director)
  • Apply to the Brown University Advanced Degree Program (or discuss alternative coursework with fellowship directors)
  • Have an interest in sex and gender specific medicine or women’s health in emergency medicine, demonstrated through scholarly or advocacy experiences
  • Previous research experience is preferred but not required

SGEM Elective Education

There is an SGEM resident elective that provides rich clinical opportunities at medical centers within the Lifespan health system, including the Women’s Medicine Collaborative, The Women’s Cardiac Center at The Miriam Hospital and the Hasbro Children’s Hospital adolescent clinic. The resident elective includes opportunity for research endeavors as well as a small scholarly project.

Sex and Gender Based Medicine: An Overview for Alpert Medical School students is also available here.