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Child and Family Services at Gateway Healthcare offers programs that provide support to families through both individual and family therapy, and community outreach.

Children’s Outpatient Services

With a multidisciplinary approach to treatment that promotes optimal mental health and functioning, children’s outpatient services include psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and psychoeducational treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and families. Treatment is primarily office-based and provided through individual and family counseling, psychiatric assessment, and psychotropic medication maintenance.

Child and Family Therapeutic Outreach Services

Child and family therapeutic outreach services provide intensive treatment using culturally competent, multidisciplinary, and community-based interventions for children and their families who present with severe emotional needs. Programs are designed to stabilize a child’s acute symptoms, improve family functioning, and assist families in connecting with needed support services. Provided in the home, services include individual and family therapy, as well as parent education and care coordination with schools and other providers. Treatment might also include psychiatric evaluation and medication management. The goal is to prepare the family for transition to outpatient therapy to achieve lasting positive outcomes.

The Autism Project

The Autism Project is a collaboration of parents and professionals working together to support individuals with autism through educating and supporting parents and caregivers. The project also provides direct services to children and youth with autism spectrum disorders through social/therapeutic groups led by licensed professionals. The Autism Project provides training and support on current best practices to teachers, speech professionals, occupational therapists, teacher assistants, childcare providers, community members, and other professionals.

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