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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

The Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program provides recovery-based services to adults diagnosed with a major mental illness, and/or other behavioral health issues who reside independently in the community, in supported living situations or group home facilities.

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The program is based on Rhode Island's Best Practice Guidelines for Supported Employment. This facilitates recovery through the provision of intervention, services, and support designed to increase community integration, levels of meaningful activity, and overall quality of life.

Vocational rehabilitation includes supported employment and supported education services:

  • Employment services offer a full range of supports including assessment, job development, job matching and placement, on-site support and follow-up services
  • Benefits counseling and assistance with income reporting are provided, and partnerships with state and private agencies are utilized to maximize client options
  • Education services include assessment and all phases of resource referral, school or training program involvement and follow-along support as needed
  • Transportation training and supports are also provided to enhance the client’s success in this area

Vocational rehabilitation program staff work as an integral member of each client’s multidisciplinary treatment team. This team may consist of agency psychiatrists, nurses, primary care providers and other specialized professionals. As integral members of this treatment team, vocational rehabilitation staff help to ensure that all multidisciplinary services and interventions are planned, coordinated, and provided to facilitate the client’s success in their chosen role and environment related to their overall rehabilitation goals. As documented in current evidence-based research literature, achievement of a person’s rehabilitation goals and desires is closely correlated with high levels of recovery; an integral part of Gateway Healthcare’s Mission.