Parent Council

In addition to the Adolescent Leadership Council (TALC)/Brown University mentor meetings, parents of teens are invited to participate in the TALC Parent Council.

The council meets monthly at the same time as TALC and discusses similar topics from the parent perspective. TALC's Parent Council is facilitated by residents training in child psychiatry, psychiatry and pediatrics. 

Below are some tips compiled by the 2009-2010 council.

TALC Parent Tips for Parents:

  • Ask questions!
  • Take notes. It may be helpful to bring a notebook to appointments.
  • Keep a list of questions to bring with you to appointments.
  • Request a list of references such as reputable websites to refer to.
  • Keep a binder with questions, calendars, contact information, medications, and side effects.
  • Prepare a medical case plan and/or Individualized Education Program (IEP) with your adolescent's school.
  • Communicate with schools before problems happen.
  • Educate other members of the family (siblings, grandparents, etc.) about your adolescent's illness.
  • Find other parents to talk to.
  • Help your child learn to talk to peers about his or her illness.
  • Encourage your teen to be an advocate for him/herself.

TALC Parent Tips for Physicians:

  • Be patient with your patients and their parents.
  • Be compassionate, especially when delivering a diagnosis.
  • Involve the patient (not just the parents) in the discussions.
  • Prepare patients and their families with what to expect.
  • Become familiar with your patient and their diagnoses.
  • Provide your patients and families with a list of references (such as reputable websites) or FAQs that the can refer to.
  • Don't show queasiness (even if you are!)
  • Be consistent with other members of the health care team.
  • Don't judge your patient by his or her diagnosis.
  • Communicate! (With nurses, parents, patients, students, etc.)
  • Be careful where you talk about patients! Nurses stations are not out of the reach of families' ears.