Programs and Events

A mural created by children in the TALC program
A mural created by children in the TALC program

TALC Meetings

All TALC Meetings take place from 5:30 to 8 p.m. in the Gerry House on the Rhode Island Hospital Campus.

Year-Round Events

TALC Monthly Council: A monthly group where teens with chronic illness meet with college mentors who also have a chronic illness. The teens in the council choose the topic of the meetings and identify skills they would like to learn that will help them manage their illness. Each meeting has a topic and consists of discussion and skill-building activities. For information on upcoming TALC events please visit the TALC website at

Parent Council: The Parent Council will be held at the same time as the TALC Monthly Council. It will be an opportunity for parents to meet with one another and have discussions on similar topics. Parental participation in the Parent Council is not required for teen participation. Get more information about and from the Parent Council.

TALC Jr. Meetings: TALC Jr. meets every other month and is a chance for pre-teens with chronic illness to meet other youth, some of the TALC teens and some of the college students. Each meeting has a topic and consists of discussion, art activities, and skill-building activities.

Joining TALC

Please note that potential members must meet with the Program Manager before joining TALC or TALC Jr. If you are interested in joining, please contact Jodie Neukirch, the TALC Program Manager, at 401-444-7563 or