Bradley Hasbro Children's Research Center

Adolescent Relationships (Dating Violence and Sexual Risk Behaviors)

A growing body of research has revealed that up to one in four of adolescents has experienced some form of dating violence during the teenage years. Victims of dating violence are at risk for both physical and mental health problems.

Research in this area is focused on understanding factors that contribute to dating violence victimization and perpetration, the relation between dating violence and sexual risk behavior, as well as developing and testing dating violence prevention interventions.

Current Studies

  • Dating Violence and HIV Prevention in Girls: Adapting Mental Health Interventions
    The goal of this study is to develop and test a group-based, dating violence and HIV prevention program entitled Date SMART.  Date SMART is a targeted prevention program, enrolling female high school students (ages 15-17) who are identified as having a history of dating violence exposure (perpetration and/or victimization) during a school-based screening procedure. For more information about the Date SMART study, call 401-793-8064.
    Principal Investigator: Christie Rizzo, PhD