Current Studies

If you are interested in participating in a research study, please call 444-8945 for more information.

Currently Recruiting

  • RI-CART Autism Registry Recruitment
    RI-CART, a group of the state’s leading experts on autism research, education, health and services, is currently enrolling new participants in its confidential statewide registry. The data collected from the large-scale registry will help identify genes involved in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and related developmental disorders in order to better understand the origins of autism. Learn more.
    Principal Investigator: Eric Morrow, MD, PhD  

  • Dating Violence and HIV Prevention in Girls: Adapting Mental Health Interventions.
    The goal of this study is to develop and test a group-based, dating violence and HIV prevention program entitled Date SMART. Date SMART is a targeted prevention program, enrolling female high school students (ages 15-17) who are identified as having a history of dating violence exposure (perpetration and/or victimization) during a school-based screening procedure. For more information about the Date SMART study, call 401-793-8064.
    Principal Investigator: Christie Rizzo, PhD

  • Autism Fetal Behavior Study, which is open to pregnant mothers who have an older child with autism or a family history of autism.
    Principal Investigator: Stephen Sheinkopf, PhD

  • HIV Prevention in the Family Court (funded by the National Institute of Drug Abuse)
    Project RAP is testing the effect of a family-based HIV prevention intervention on reducing marijuana use and increasing safer sex behaviors among substance abusing juvenile offenders.  The project is enrolling 60 families with court-involved juveniles who are actively using marijuana.
    Principal Investigator: Marina Tolou-Shams, PhD

  • The Role of Parents in Adolescent Weight Control (IRB Title: Combined Communication and Behavioral Weight Control Intervention for Teens)
    This study is recruiting overweight adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17 years. Adolescents are randomly assigned to one of two group based behavioral weight control interventions, one in which adolescents work independently, or another in which adolescents work as a team with their parent.
    Principal Investigator: Elissa Jelalian, PhD

  • Integrated Treatment for Overweight Adolescents with Depression
    This study is recruiting adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 years who are overweight and experiencing depression. Adolescents are randomly assigned to receive cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for depression or an integrated treatment that includes both CBT for depression and exercise.
    Principal Investigator: Elissa Jelalian, PhD
    Co-Investigator: Anthony Spirito, PhD

  • Bio-behavioral Markers of Pediatric Psychopathology
    Currently enrolling children and adolescents 7-17 years old with either bipolar disorder, ADHD, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), typically-developing healthy controls.
    Principal Investigator: Daniel Dickstein, MD

  • Bio-behavioral Markers of Affect Regulation in Teen Suicide Attempters vs. Non-Suicidal Self-Injurers.
    Currently enrolling typically-developing healthy controls 13-17.
    Principal Investigator: Daniel Dickstein, MD

  • Bio-behavioral Markers of Bipolar Conversion
    Currently enrolling healthy control young adults 18-25 years old.This study (<6 hours) involves interviews, IQ tests, special computer games, genetic sample, and MRI brain scan.For all studies, participants are compensated for their time.  For those studies involving MRI brain scans, participants receive copies of some of the pictures on a CD.
    Principal Investigator: Daniel Dickstein, MD