Cardiac Consultation Services

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Cardiac Care and COVID-19

Safety is our top priority.

We want to assure you that the we are here for you. While the coronavirus has changed much of our daily lives, one thing that has remained constant is our commitment to providing you with the best, safest care possible.

Here at the Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute, your safety is our top priority. As experts in cardiovascular disease, we also know completing a treatment plan is associated with the best outcomes for patients. That is why we worked closely with our infection prevention and infectious diseases teams to be able to provide the care you need in a safe environment.

Consult with a Board-Certified Cardiologist

Your primary care physician may recommend outpatient or inpatient consultation with a board-certified cardiologist. Our experts at the Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute are available seven days a week for consultation and will provide a recommendation to you and your doctor the same day. We look at all general cardiology issues and can arrange subspecialty consultation if necessary for coronary care, heart rhythm disorders, surgery, congenital heart disease and early intervention to prevent future cardiac disease.


Contact Cardiac Consultation Services

To schedule an appointment with the Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute, please call 1-855-332-8474.

The consulting cardiologist will:

  • Provide an initial evaluation
  • Arrange and expedite necessary testing
  • Guide and facilitate follow-up treatment
  • Arrange transfer to a specialized cardiac
    inpatient unit if necessary
  • Arrange outpatient follow-up after discharge

Dedicated staff is available through the cardiac care and intermediate cardiac care units 24 hours a day for consultation. Your primary care physician or your attending physician can refer you for this service.

Follow Your Doctor's Orders

Tempted to stop taking a prescribed medication without checking with your doctor? Cardiologist Mitchel A. Sklar, MD explains why that’s probably not a good idea.

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