Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine

About Us

Laura Stroud, PhD

Laura Stroud, PhD

"At CBPM, we conduct research dedicated to advancing the science of health and behavior."

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Our Guiding Framework

Our innovative research aims to uncover new insights into pressing health challenges. We develop evidence-based approaches to health promotion and disease management tailored to individuals and communities. Our research is grounded in collaboration, impact, and excellence. We work with Lifespan colleagues, external partners, and stakeholders to ensure meaningful outcomes.

What Is Behavioral and Preventive Medicine?

Behavioral Medicine

“Interdisciplinary integration of behavioral, psychosocial, and biomedical science to the understand health and illness…application of this knowledge to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.”

– Society of Behavioral Medicine

Preventive Medicine

“Promote health and well-being and prevent disease, disability and death.”

– American College of Preventive Medicine

What We Do