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The Center for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine (CBPM) is a leading research center with more than 30 years of innovative, interdisciplinary research on behavior and prevention in health and disease. CBPM's "Cells to Society" approach includes clinical, community, and laboratory-based research.

The Center's research draws upon the social and behavioral sciences as well as biomedical and public health sciences to address the leading lifestyle causes of disease burden and death. Our research portfolio includes both primary prevention (e.g., tobacco cessation, weight management, physical activity) and chronic disease management. We develop, implement, and evaluate interventions to reduce health risks, promote active participation in medical care, and enhance quality of life. We work with healthy volunteers as well as people living with a chronic illness or condition, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or HIV.

Our research scientists conduct both basic and applied research. The basic research seeks to discover the mechanisms underlying behavioral factors in health and illness (e.g., examining the stress response among children and adolescents). Applied research seeks to translate these discoveries for clinical and public health improvement. Research scientists at the Center represent a range of academic disciplines, including clinical, health, and social psychology, medical anthropology, epidemiology, medicine, and biostatistics. All research scientists are faculty at Brown University and work closely with undergraduate and graduate students as well as clinical residents and postdoctoral fellows.

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Women's Health


Digital and Mobile Health


Complementary and Integrative Health


Biobehavioral Mechanisms


Stress and Trauma


Tobacco and Substance Abuse


Cardiovascular Disease


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