Child Life Services
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Child Life Services

The members of the Child Life Services staff are certified professionals who are prepared at the bachelors and masters levels in child life, child development, early childhood education, and related fields. Their observations, interactions and assessments contribute to the development of the total patient care plan.

Child Life Services include the hospital school and several programs that enhance quality of life for young patients and their families at Hasbro Children's Hospital. Some of these include:

Child Life

Patients and their families benefit when Child Life provides patient-centered experiences often focused on joy and play, a child’s number one priority. Watch this YouTube video to learn more about the importance child life specialists play at our hospital.

Child Life Services specialists provide activities that help reassure pediatric patients and their families regarding illness, hospitalization, surgery, or other procedures. They provide hands-on use of play materials and actual medical equipment, and structured and unstructured educational and play experiences. Their role includes:

  • Preparation - to help children understand what will happen in the hospital at a developmentally appropriate level.

  • Procedural support - to practice distraction and relaxation techniques to ease pain and enhance coping skills.

  • Medical play - to encourage children to express fears, discuss perceptions about the hospital and to gain a sense of control.

  • Play - to offer a positive, yet familiar experience that provides continued growth and development and opportunity for self-expression.

  • Programming - to facilitate and support therapeutic activities such as creative arts, animal visiting, computers and other programs.

  • Special events - to coordinate birthday and holiday celebrations and visits from special guests.

  • Supervision - to train and mentor Child Life student interns and volunteers.