Immunology Center

Comprehensive Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of death in the world; approximately four million new infections occur each year. The Immunology Center employs world-renowned infectious diseases physicians dedicated to helping those with HIV/AIDS live longer, fuller lives.

The goal of the center is to provide comprehensive, up-to-date and compassionate care for all persons living with HIV. The multidisciplinary practice involves clinical care as well as a strong research component that offers patients early access to promising new therapies.

The center provides comprehensive care to more than 1,500 patients with HIV, provided by a team of physicians who are leaders in the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of HIV and STDs; nurses; social workers and case managers. More than 70 percent of the individuals in Rhode Island who are HIV-infected are connected with primary medical care through the center.


For More Information

For more information about HIV care at the Immunology Center, please call 401-793-2928.

Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Care Center

The center offers:

  • Comprehensive care for people living with HIV
  • A program for women living with HIV that offers case management, clinical trials and gynecological care, including colposcopy
  • Preconception counseling for women and men living with HIV, including serodiscordant couples, as well as specialized care of pregnant women with HIV in collaboration with their obstetricians
  • An HIV program for adolescents that offers intensive care and long-term support
  • Infectious diseases and HIV-related clinical trials sponsored by the federal government and pharmaceutical companies
  • Free active outreach care and HIV/STD prevention for substance abusers (particularly heroin and cocaine needle users), offered in collaboration with AIDS Care Ocean State
  • HIV care that is linked to the community at the state prison and substance abuse treatment sites
  • Participation in four federally funded HIV prevention programs for adolescents, high-risk women, and men and women leaving prison

HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-Infection Clinic

The HIV/Viral Hepatitis Co-infection Clinic provides multidisciplinary care to HIV-infected persons who also have hepatitis C (HCV) or hepatitis B (HBV). Established in 2001, the goals of the clinic include:

  • Curing hepatitis C
  • Promptly diagnosing and treating viral hepatitis
  • Providing vaccinations for hepatitis A virus (HAV) and hepatitis B virus (HBV)
  • Preventing new viral hepatitis infections
  • Educating patients about viral hepatitis
  • Screening for other forms of liver disease, including liver cancer
  • Supporting patients via a support group and individual care with our psychologist
  • Facilitating research in HIV/viral hepatitis co-infection
  • Enhancing care for coexisting alcohol and drug use
  • Eliminating hepatitis C in our clinic population

HIV Menopause Services

The HIV Menopause Clinic, one of the first in the United States, is committed to helping HIV-positive women who are also experiencing menopause. Antiretroviral therapy has revolutionized the treatment of individuals infected with HIV and has caused dramatic reductions in morbidity and mortality. The result is a rapidly growing population of women who will experience menopausal transition and other health matters related to aging while HIV infected.

Menopause may induce many of the same metabolic changes that are being observed with HIV infection, which may complicate the health and quality of life of aging women with HIV infection. The HIV Menopause Clinic provides comprehensive evaluation of women’s gynecological and bone health, and evaluates risk factors for cardiovascular and metabolic complications. It also gathers data about how menopause affects those with HIV and its treatment. The clinic’s multidisciplinary team includes an obstetrician/gynecologist, an infectious diseases specialist, a nurse and a medical assistant.

Additional HIV/AIDS Resources

The Immunology Center is a major component of the Providence/Boston CFAR — one of 19 centers located at leading AIDS research institutions nationwide that are focused on exploring new opportunities for HIV/AIDS research through interdisciplinary collaboration and shared resources.