Support and Rehabilitation

Treatment does not stop when you leave the hospital. The Lifespan Cancer Institute provides inpatient and outpatient support and rehabilitation services.

While you are receiving treatment, you can count on the patient navigator program to help you through your treatment. Social workers are also available to offer patients guidance on how to talk to family members, employers and children about their treatment at the Lifespan Cancer Institute.

For more information, or for an appointment, please call 1-844-222-2881.

Sometimes the best sources of strength and comfort during difficult times are others who share your concerns. If you or a loved one is facing cancer, a support group may be helpful.

Resources also include:
  • Genetic testing and counseling offers counseling to patients who have may have an inherited type of cancer.
  • The Menopause Consultation Program can identify and help manage medically induced menopause symptoms.
  • Pelvic floor disorders therapy teaches women techniques and exercises to regain strength and control of their pelvic muscles to ease incontinence, constipation and pelvic pain.
  • Physical therapy provides gynecologic physical therapy and oncology rehabilitation, including therapy for lymphedema.
  • Smoking cessation teaches patients techniques to manage depression, anxiety and sadness, as well as behavior management strategies to deal with the triggers that lead to smoking.