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The Lifespan Orthopedics Institute is home to some of the most skilled shoulder and elbow specialists and orthopedic surgeons in New England. Our physicians and staff have the proven ability to provide not only the best care, but also the best possible recovery.

Manuel F. DaSilva, MD Headshot

Manuel F. DaSilva, MD

Hand Surgeon

Anthony M. Deluise Jr., MD Headshot

Anthony M. Deluise Jr., MD

Paul Fadale, MD Headshot

Paul Fadale, MD

Chief, Sports Medicine, Rhode Island Hospital

Jack D. Goldstein, MD Headshot

Jack D. Goldstein, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon

Andrew Green, MD Headshot

Andrew Green, MD

Chief, Division of Shoulder and Elbow, Rhode Island Hospital

Michael J. Hulstyn, MD Headshot

Michael J. Hulstyn, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist

Keith O. Monchik, MD Headshot

Keith O. Monchik, MD

Brett D. Owens, MD Headshot

Brett D. Owens, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist

E. Scott Paxton, MD Headshot

E. Scott Paxton, MD

Shoulder and Elbow Surgeon

Matthew J. Plante, MD Headshot

Matthew J. Plante, MD

Michael Staebler, MD Headshot

Michael Staebler, MD

Sports Medicine Specialist and Total Joint Surgeon


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