Preconception Health

Show Your Love

We know that women who improve their health before pregnancy can be healthier mothers and have healthier babies. Healthier women have less chance of having problems with pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes, miscarriage, or preterm labor. Their babies have less chance for problems, such as preterm birth, low birth weight, high birth weight or stillbirth.

In partnership with the Rhode Island Department of Health, The Women’s Medicine Collaborative is pleased to be part of a national effort to promote preconception health, because we know that every baby deserves a healthy mother.

A Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is a way to show love to yourself and your future baby, long before a baby is in the plans.

“We want every woman to know that taking a few steps toward becoming healthier before pregnancy, such as working with her health care provider to control and treat medical conditions, quitting smoking, and avoiding alcohol if trying to get pregnant, can bring a lifetime of benefits to a woman and her future babies,” says Lucia Larson, MD, director of obstetric medicine.

For women who do not want to start a family, they should also be healthy and take care of themselves so they can achieve their goals and dreams.

Show Your Love for yourself and future baby by engaging in positive preconception health.

 These behaviors include the following:

  • Plan your pregnancies.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Be active.
  • Take 400 micrograms of folic acid daily.
  • Protect against sexually transmitted infections.
  • Protect yourself from other infections.
  • Avoid harmful chemicals and toxins.
  • Update your vaccinations.
  • Manage and reduce stress and get mentally healthy.
  • Learn about your family’s health history.

Also, if these apply:

  • Get regular checkups.
  • Stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake before trying to get pregnant. Stop drinking while trying to get pregnant and during pregnancy.
  • Seek help if you are experiencing partner violence.
  • Manage your health conditions.

Multidisciplinary Obstetric Medicine Service (MOMS)

If you are a woman with underlying medical issues and you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, your health care needs are unique. Our multidisciplinary obstetric medicine service (MOMS) is dedicated to serving the special and diverse needs of women with medical conditions before, during and after pregnancy.

Our providers are nationally and internationally recognized specialists in obstetric medicine, maternal-fetal medicine, gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology, rheumatology, cardiology, infectious diseases and behavioral medicine.

We provide consultations for patients referred by obstetricians, midwives, gynecologists, internists and specialists or you may call us directly at 401-793-7410.