If you are a woman with underlying medical issues and you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, your health care needs are unique. Our multidisciplinary obstetric medicine service (MOMS) is dedicated to serving the special and diverse needs of women with medical conditions before, during and after pregnancy. We put our entire focus, and our many years of expertise, into the highly specialized care you require.

We take a collaborative team approach to your health working with obstetricians, midwives and high-risk specialists to provide the comprehensive care you deserve. Our providers are nationally and internationally recognized specialists in obstetric medicine, maternal-fetal medicine, gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology, rheumatology, cardiology, infectious diseases and behavioral medicine.

All our physicians are board certified and serve on the faculty of The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. They are leaders in national and international organizations and have authored multiple text books and articles in medical journals.

Some of the common conditions and symptoms we treat include:

The Women’s Medicine Collaborative offers a diabetes and endocrine disorders in pregnancy program that focuses on the specialized care that women who have pregestational or gestational diabetes or other endocrine disorders need for a healthy pregnancy.

We also offer a postpartum program designed for women who experience a complication in pregnancy. Our goal is to prevent chronic disease by identifying risk factors that present in pregnancy and provide counseling and treatment aimed at reducing the risk of chronic disease later in life.

We provide consultations for patients referred by obstetricians, midwives, gynecologists, internists and specialists or the patient may call us directly. We see patients for preconception counseling, a one-time pregnancy consultation, or will follow a patient throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period. We are in contact with the patient's obstetrician and/or other referring provider throughout care to assure collaboration and a smooth transition after delivery.

Our physicians see patients at our West River Street office and patients who are admitted to Women & Infants Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital. Our staff is available 24 hours a day for emergency room and inpatient consultations.

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Multidisciplinary Obstetric Medicine Service (MOMS)
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