Pediatric Hematology / Oncology
Hasbro Children's Hospital

Our Environment of Care

Children may come to our outpatient clinic for a quick consultation or a full day of chemotherapy, infusions or transfusions. We have a variety of environments to address different needs. 

Erik Hernandez
We treat children and adolescents from different backgrounds with a wide variety of diseases.


The playroom is an essential part of the center, offering a friendly, upbeat area for children waiting for an appointment or even receiving treatments. Child life specialists work with children to provide distraction and entertainment. The spacious playroom offers tables of different sizes, for older and younger children, with space for activities, art projects (with a sink for clean-up) and general play. Special events often liven up a long day.  Adolescents may enjoy couches and video games in their own section of the playroom. Museum on Rounds visits the clinic every week with a variety of creative art projects for patients and their families. The art activity helps to pass the time as the children receive their chemotherapy or other medical treatments.

We are fortunate to have a large talented group of professional and community volunteers who are dedicated to using a variety of resources to ensure that the children's emotional and growth needs are met while waiting for and receiving treatment.

Exam Rooms

Private exam rooms allow for in-depth, personal consultations or simply provide a haven for those needing to sleep through a long day of treatment.  TVs, DVD players, and video games provide entertainment and distraction for patients spending hours receiving treatments.

Airflow System

Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure the safety of our patients. A specially designed airflow system is available for those who have recently had a bone marrow transplant or have a seriously compromised immune system.  Clean, filtered air is brought in directly, protecting our most vulnerable children from infection.  At times, we can reverse this system when a child already has an infection: by reversing the pressure, indoor air can be pumped directly outside, protecting other children from contagious infections.

Infusion Bays

Infusion bays are available for children who require, or prefer, a semi-private setting as they receive treatment. Each bay is furnished with large recliners, TVs and DVD players, as well as cozy chairs for a parent. Sliding, wooden doors with blue-tinted, bubbled glass separate the bays, and can convert the space from private to semiprivate as needed.