Pediatric Neuropsychology


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​​​​​​​The Neuropsychology Program at Rhode Island Hospital provides training and education to practicum students, psychology interns, neuropsychology fellows, and other residents.

Practicum Students

Students in graduate programs focusing on clinical psychology, neuropsychology, or school psychology can obtain additional training and supervision in psychological assessment, testing, and pediatric neuropsychology through the Neuropsychology Program at Rhode Island Hospital.  Practicum placements are developed on an individual basis with a given student.  For further information, contact Dr. Christine Trask at 401-444-4500, option 1.

The Brown Clinical Psychology Training Program

The Clinical Psychology Training Program functions as a consortium and is composed of eight training sites, including Butler Hospital, the Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Bradley Hospital, Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, The Miriam Hospital, Rhode Island Hospital, Roger Williams Medical Center, and Women & Infants Hospital.   Each of these training sites is administratively independent, but each site contributes faculty, financial support, and other resources to the training program.

Neuropsychology Fellows

Together with Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, the Neuropsychology Program provides a specialized training experience in pediatric neuropsychology.

Further information about internships or fellowships

Other Residents

Elective experiences, as well as a variety of seminars, are available for psychiatric and pediatric hematology-oncology residents.