On your first visit

​​​first visit​If this is your first time visiting our office, please help us make this an efficient visit by:
  • Contacting your child's primary care physician and making sure that he or she has provided us with notes containing all background medical information.
  • Obtaining and bringing x-rays that have been done on your child. We would like the actual x-rays, not just the reports. This is not necessary if the x-rays were performed at a Lifespan facility.
  • Coming to your appointment on time and allowing adequate time for the visit. Depending upon the situation, the visit may require as little as 30 minutes or, if any testing is desired, as long as several hours.

We accept most major insurances in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Many insurance carriers require a referral form from your primary care physician. We will be happy to assist you with this. It is important that you bring verification of your insurance coverage and co-pay, if required, to your office visit.

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