Sleep Disorders Center

What is a Sleep Study?

Sleep Disorders Center patientA sleep study takes place overnight in the center's testing facilities.  It involves measuring your brain waves, muscle tone, heartbeat, breathing patterns and body movements.
In some cases, it may also involve a series of naps the following day. All sleep studies are performed in one of the center's state-of-the-art, soundproofed sleep rooms. Other tests may be ordered as appropriate.

Prior to a Sleep Study

During the initial evaluation process, a physician who is board-certified as a sleep specialist will give you a physical examination, carefully review your medical history, and may order blood tests to determine what physical problems might be at the root of your sleep disorder.

To aid our initial evaluation, it is helpful to bring your medical records and be prepared to name any medications you are taking. It may also be beneficial to have your sleeping partner present because, in many cases, people suffering from a sleep disorder are unaware of their symptoms.

Treatment naturally hinges on the nature of the problem. For some physical ailments, medications can often bring relief. Psychological or lifestyle-related problems might call for major changes in routine, stress management, counseling or biofeedback.