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Patient Stories

Draw Inspiration From These Patients’ Experiences

Getting started in a cardiac rehabilitation or risk prevention program may seem daunting. You might be afraid about overdoing after your cardiac event. Maybe you’ve lived a pretty sedentary life, or haven’t ever been a real exercise enthusiast.

If you’re new to it, going to a gym might seem intimidating. Will the exercise be too hard? Will everyone else be more fit? Will you feel awkward? Are you too old?

Our experts tailor your routine to your abilities, oversee your progress, and help you meet your goals.

  • One patient's story: Back at the Altar and On the Ice
    Armenian priest Father Gregory Souin led a very active life well into his 40s, playing ice hockey and exercising regularly. In 2007, he started to notice swelling in his ankles, coughing, and an earlier onset of fatigue during exercise.

Helping a Loved One with Heart Health

Cardiologist Hank Wu, MD, says a support system can make all the difference in successfully changing eating and exercise habits or providing that little push to seek a physician’s help.

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