Cardiovascular Surgery
Lifespan Cardiovascular Institute

Postoperative Care

The cardiovascular surgery program is located in the Bridge Building on the Rhode Island Hospital campus, the hospital’s newest and most modern building. The space features 34 private patient rooms, with 10 beds allocated for cardiology intensive care; 14 for cardiac surgery intensive care; and 10 for cardiac surgery “step-down” care. In addition, the sixth floor has 24 beds for private cardiology step-down care and 14 beds for medical care, located in either private or shared rooms.

We are committed to high quality care and are pleased that our post-operative care units have consistently received the highest scores possible in our patient satisfaction surveys. Our surgical staff keeps the patient, family and referring physician fully informed of the details of care throughout every stage of the operative and postoperative period.


Surgeons and cardiologists, as well as the collaborative support team, work together with our patients throughout their hospitalization and coordinate care after discharge. We make recovery as comfortable as possible. Staff members are specially trained in pain control and a number of specialists are routinely consulted to provide the most comprehensive, effective and rapid recovery care. With their specialized knowledge in every area of cardiac care, they are able to care for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clinical Research

Eligible patients are offered the opportunity to participate in clinical research. Access to newer treatments allows for more state-of-the-art care for you.

Electronic Medical Files

All your medical files are handled electronically, which allows our nurses to spend more time on your care and our physicians to evaluate the results of your procedure instantly and report them to your referring physician. Electronic medical files allow for ease of information referral and follow-up care. To view your secure online health record, login to MyLifespan.


Cardiac rehabilitation and physical therapy begins immediately after surgery is completed. The services of a registered dietitian are also a part of postoperative care. Upon discharge, the referring and primary care physicians receive a comprehensive report to ensure continuity of care. Learn about our Center for Cardiac Fitness.