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Welcome to MyLifespan, Your Secure Electronic Health Record

MyLifespan now allows you to activate your account without a code from your health care provider.

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What is MyLifespan?

My Lifespan is your window into your electronic health record. It is part of LifeChart, Lifespan’s electronic health record system, which allows us to create and maintain a single record for each of our patients. Whether you have visited one of our outpatient clinics, labs, ambulatory centers or hospitals, a single integrated record charts the care you received and your health condition. Information from all of your Lifespan healthcare providers is available in that record. 

MyLifespan allows you to be more active in your own care. 

You can access MyLifespan from your computer, phone and other devices to:  

  • Review laboratory results within 24 hours and imaging results within 3 days*
  • Monitor your health information
  • Learn about medical conditions
  • Record important information such as blood pressure and glucose levels
  • Securely communicate with your doctors and care team
  • Request a health record transfer if you change providers or relocate
  • Manage the health information of family members, if permitted
  • Pay bills online
  • Schedule a visit with your primary care provider

*Certain sensitive test results such as those for cancer, pregnancy, HIV and sexually transmitted diseases will not be posted and will require notification by your physician.

All of your health information is maintained and shared in accordance with applicable federal and state laws, and in strict compliance with HIPAA rules.

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How do I enroll in MyLifespan?

To ensure the security of your health information, there are two ways to enroll: request your personal access code from your Lifespan healthcare provider; or request your personal access code online by answering a few personal questions.

If you received your personal access code from a provider: Sign up now »

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If you want to receive your personal access code online, your identity will be verified through Experian, a leading global information services company. Complete the secure form and answer all questions to verify and protect your identity through Experian. Request your code online now »

After you enroll, go to and click on “Sign in” whenever you wish to access your health information. You can manage your health information using the tabs at the top of the screen.

If you have any questions, your health care provider will be happy to help. You may also contact our patient portal customer service team at 401-606-6957 (606-MYLS).

How can I access MyLifespan? 

You can access your health information record using:

About LifeChart

MyLifespan is part of  LifeChart, Lifespan’s electronic health record system. LifeChart allows us to create and maintain a single electronic medical record for each of our patients. Information from all of a patient’s Lifespan and Lifespan-affiliated health care providers is available in that record—facilitating diagnoses and treatment planning; ensuring continuity of care; and increasing patient safety.  Learn more about LifeChart >>