Asthma Classes

"I appreciated most the open interaction with the facilitator, and her knowledge of various issues regarding asthma-from drugs to prevent/control and ways to stem attacks."

The best part about our classes is that kids with asthma learn too. Children between the ages of 6-12 participate in a fun, hands-on asthma education workshop taught by a child psychologist. They make lung models out of tubing and silly puddy, act out asthma symptoms, and don pirate hats to hunt for "trigger treasure."

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About Our Classes

Almost every week, CVS/pharmacy Draw A Breath hosts asthma education classes for children and parents at Hasbro Children's Hospital. The classes are designed to be innovative, interactive, and culturally appropriate. Classes are taught in English and Spanish. The classes are open to all who want to attend.

"The content was terrific. I learned a lot and feel much better about giving my son his medicine."

A diverse, multi-disciplinary staff is dedicated to providing quality services to families with asthma. Classes include demonstration, discussion, and interactive presentations. Topics covered include:

  • asthma physiology
  • common medication options for asthma management;
  • identification of asthma triggers and strategies for trigger control;
  • symptom recognition and response; and
  • psychosocial issues that affect asthma management.

During the class, instructors demonstrate and discuss the use of medical equipment for asthma control at home, and families receive free peak flow meters and spacers.

On-site babysitting is provided for children younger than 6 years old.

"I learned how to prevent asthma attacks and what to do with asthma symptoms so that my daughter can live a normal life and my life will be more peaceful. "


When: Most Tuesdays 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Registration begins at 5:15 p.m.

Where: Hasbro Children's Hospital, Providence, Room 151, 1st Floor. Free parking pass given at class.

How do I register for a class?

We ask that families pre-register for class. Call 401-444-8340 to register or learn more about our classes.

It is hard for me to get to Hasbro Children's Hospital. Do you have classes in other locations too?

Yes, we offer classes at schools and community sites throughout Rhode Island and our class schedule continues to grow. Contact us at 401-444-8340 to learn about classes in a community near you.